The “BIBLE” of the grapes has landed

THE book about all the grape varieties has landed in the bookshops for the happiness of wine lovers. This bible called Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties, Including Their Origins and Flavours written by Jancis Robinson,Julia Harding, and botanist/grape geneticist José Vouillamoz, covers nearly 1400 distinct grape varieties; the description of the taste of theirs wines, all in 1242 pages; a table of variety by country of origin; 14 pedigree diagrams and a large bibliography.

[Photos: Paula Forbes /]

If you are looking for information about grapes, wine or history of viticulture is not hard to find publications about it. The editorial world is full of such books, but for a long time the wine lovers are waiting for a book that would join all these information in a systemic and easy way to understand. Well…now that book has landed!!

According Vouillamoz in his interview on EWBC one of the book’s intentions is cover a gap that exists for years about the origin and domestication of grapes in the world.

– “Other crops of economic importance, such as soy bean, corn, potato has for years its history and genetic map revealed, it is incredible to think that the grapes, with all the trade that exists around them, only now has this type of publication.”

But the book goes beyond a genetic research, in collaboration with Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding the book combines the grapes and their regions with the description of the wines that they will produce. A delight for consumers…

If you are wine lover this book indispensable to have your collection, although thick (a 3kg baby according Vouillamoz) is able to cure the curiosity of anyone with description of each variety, grape color, synonyms, origin and others characteristics. This important piece of work can be found since October 26 in the nearest bookstore or ordered in his own web page (




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