What wine should I choose??


Nowadays increasingly we face the following situation: You are before a shelf full of bottles and labels (sometimes with unpronounceable names) or with a wine list so long that it looks more like a book and  … what wine should I choose? Well, good, I love this situation!!

But we are not alone in this, this situation is repeated in China, Russia and India and other countries where wine has been gaining ground. So without any further delay, I’ll pass some tips for the choosing of wine became an enjoyable adventure, as it is for me, annot torture.

prateleira vinho

• What is the occasion?

This should be the first question you should ask when buying / choosing wine, because it takes into account other issues. Where are you? Who are you with? Anyway … what purpose since meeting?

Think of it this way, if you are with friends at a happy hour wine would be like a dinner for two to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I hope the answer is no! For a romantic dinner sparkling wines are perfect, but also young and soft wines accompanying light dishes. Festive occasions go very well together with sparkling, preferably heterogeneous in order to please the greatest number of people. Wines more elaborates may yield a good subject for a business dinner.

• The temperature

In Brazil, where the majority of the country is tropical weather, wine eventually became a reference drink in lower temperatures. But there are numerous options for the warmer temperatures of the year.

In the summer, opt for a lighter wine like white, rosé or sparkling wine, which has lower alcohol content (between six and ten degrees) and should be consumed cold.

In a cooler temperature, do not think twice: invest in a reds, which are usually thicker tasted around 13 º C. I recommend betting on grape varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, malbec, tannat, carmenere, shiraz…

• What will we eat?

Usually the concern is to harmonize the wine with the dish, probably because the meal was selected before choosing the wine. Then follow the golden rule, although that is increasingly discussed – for red meat dishes and white for fish dishes – and continues to assert is a good start when you are face to face with hundreds of bottles!

If you are in a restaurant and do not know this combination dish / wine or are in doubt, ask your sommelier. He is usually responsible for assembling the letter of the restaurant and probably thought of food served in time to make this montage.

However, do not be afraid to innovate, with so many possibilities why not explore?

• The price

Do not feel intimidated for chosen a wine for the price. This is a factor that can perfectly guide the choice of a bottle of wine, there are bottles ranging from a few to tens or even hundreds of euros … and all on the same shelf! How to know?

Of course a bottle of wine costing € 20 will be obviously higher quality when compared with a € 5, but that does not mean that cheaper is horrible! If it is still an amateur in the matter of wines and has no absolute certainty of what you are doing, choose the cheapest and then not “mourn the loss”. If, on the other hand, have nothing to lose experience a more expensive wine.

But remember, price is not synonymous of quality!

• Search and Ask:

Look for a shop or responsible for the Wine cellar in supermarkets that can help you in choosing your first bottles or buying a wine for a special occasion. See calmly ask the questions you want and do not despair in search of a good bottle of wine – the choice should be the beginning of many pleasures associated with the wonderful world of wine. But do not let anyone pressure you during the selection process, forcing you to buy this or that brand, or spend more money than you thought.

And now…just enjoy your wine


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