How Portugal reached your glass

As we know, and lived, the Portuguese culture surrounds us, it is in the language, food and increasingly in our glasses. Indeed they were, more precisely Martin Afonso de Sousa in 1532, the first to explore the vineyards in the country by sending vines of Madeira Island, but unfortunately without obtaining much success at the moment.

But if not Portuguese vineyards flourished centuries ago their wines now are – with each year that goes we find an increasing number of Portuguese wine trade in Brazil. And no wonder, Portugal is the third in Brazilian imports of wine, behind Argentina and Chile, with a growth of 19% (24 million euros) between 2010 and 2011.


However this position in the Brazilian market is not by chance, is the result of intense, continuous and different promotions Portuguese wine made ​​in the entire country by institutions such as the Comissões Vitivinícolas Regionais, o Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto, ViniPortugal e Wine of Portugal. For over five years we see the promotion of Portuguese wine through exhibitions, tastings and activities for professionals in the field of beverages and food, in addition to courses and competitions.

Just to give you an idea ViniPortugal have a budget for this year from 7 million to invest in more than 100 actions to promote Portuguese wines, 41% of the budget allocated to the United States and Brazil. In addition the Comissões Vitivinícolas Regionais e o Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto count with more 8 million euros to promote the wines, their regions and products.

After all this effort I believe it is worth taste a Portuguese wine!!!

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